Case Studies

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Big G’s Gym
Virtual Tour

Objective - Targeting New Markets
Making people feel comfortable to step into a gym can be a challenge. This was the objective that Big G’s Gym set itself, aiming to increase membership but more importantly to reach out to those people that have not stepped into a gym before, or at least not for a long time, in order to target a new market of clients. A new gym can be a daunting place for some people - ‘Will I look out of place?’ ‘How do I use the equipment?’ We carried out a virtual tour of the gym, so that potential members could get a feel of the place before they got there. Allowing people to see the gym beforehand made them feel more at ease, as though they’d been there before and knew their way around, what sort of equipment they would like to use and where it was located, how they got to the studio for a class. Key features: Experience fully immersive virtual space that feels so real, it’s like being there Includes inside view, floorplan view and dollhouse view Online link provided to use on your marketing material for as long as you want it Objectives: Increase membership by 10% in 6 months Result: Exceeded a 12% increase in membership in 6 months

Clearway - Video and Photography

Objective - Generate More Views
Clearway Environmental wanted to revamp their website and showcase their specialist services, with an aim to attract more site visitors. For a specialist business such as Clearway, whereby services may not be understandable through still images alone, videos can often be more engaging - they’re a great storyteller, making information more digestible and easier to understand. We spent a lot of time with Clearway on their jobs in order to capture the different services they provide, creating a video as a key feature for their new website homepage. Clients can now see them in action and the website reflects their professionalism and stands out well above their competitors. Key features: Engaging video where text, music, links and even podcasts can be added Totally bespoke footage, exactly as you want it, to use how you want it Bring your product and services to life Objectives: Increase website views by 25% per month Result: achieved/exceed - 60% increase in views per week/month

CPC - Virtual Tour and Photography

Objective - Variety Proving Sales Increase
To meet CPC’s status as a leading distributor of electrical, electronics and related products, we worked closely with CPC to develop a complete visual marketing solution. In providing aerial footage of CPC’s Distribution Centre, we were able to show the vastness of the site. A virtual tour of the Centre allowed customers to virtually browse the aisles and see the remarkable breadth of the range stocked on site and creative, well lit images were also taken of staff at work. A complete insight to the Centre gave customers an understanding of the size of the Centre and the products available. Being able to offer this insight into different mediums also provided a more engaging solution. Key features: Experience a fully immersive, virtual experience Creative images to use on all marketing materials Videography to provide a better understanding Provide complete transparency into your business, gain loyalty from customers Variety of visual marketing to engage customers on a number of different levels Objectives: To increase sales by 5% Result: Achieved/Exceed - sales increased by 40% in month 1